Wesak Festival 2016 - May 20-22, 2016 in beautiful Mount Shasta, California

Celebrate the Wesak Festival in Mount Shasta, California!


Adonai - Living in the Light
Just for the joy of Spirit. Articles, prayers, invocations, channeling and meditation techniques. Free inspirational greeting cards. Free Tarot day-card. Art. Web design.

Directory of conferences, conventions, exhibits, seminars, workshops, events, trade shows and business meetings. Includes calendar, dates, location, web site, contact and registration information.

Ana Holub and Clear Path To Peace - Ana is a forgiveness counselor and peace educator who offers elegantly simple, direct and practical guidance for your deep, inner healing. A certified Radical Forgiveness coach, Ana is also a Breath of Life facilitator. She is a master at emotional release, her work is influenced by the beauty and truth of A Course In Miracles. She supports you wholeheartedly to heal your memories and open your intuitive wisdom. "Fear binds the world. Forgiveness sets it free." (ACIM) Find your freedom through forgiveness! In Mount Shasta, with sessions by phone nationwide and internationally with Skype. Call for a free consultation 530-926-4639. Blog @ www.clearpathtopeace.com.

Angel Valley Spiritual Retreat Center
Angel Valley is a 70-acre spiritual retreat center nestled in the Sedona, Arizona vortexes available for individual or groups who seek to connect to the Divine Within.

Alliance for Humanity
Helping you to find the spiritual reality that exists in every human - waiting to be born, educated and graduated. Free E-Book. Membership opportunities coming.

Anger Management Tips
Self-Improvement-Advice.org offers self improvement advice, ideas and tips with focus on positive thinking, stress management, anger control and anxiety remedies. Learn ways to express your anger more effectively. Anger management games and worksheets as well.

Aqua Pure Water Filters - Premiere Sales is a leading Water Purification Company that provides consumers and business with a wide range of Water Filter Systems including Replacement Water Filters, Drinking Water Systems, Reverse Osmosis Systems and more from major brands.

Ash Tree Publishing
Herbal Medicine Resources for women's health and well-being. Find information on menopause, fertility, pregnancy, breast care, and more. Plus books you'll treasure, information you can trust.

Bigfoot Footage  Get better answers and references on Ask.com. Use Ask.com now!

Ask Numerology Experts
Visit YourExpertAdvisor.com to know what our Numerologists tell you, what your numbers hold for you and for your future.

Awakening Family Constellation
Family Constellations as developed by Bert Hellinger is a powerful tool for bringing to light hidden family dynamics and events that may influence and shape present day relationships....Influences that may entangle and entrap individuals for many generations to come. A gentle yet powerful approach to resolving difficulties in families, in the workplace and in one's individual life. Guided by a skilled facilitator, in either a group or individual setting, one has the opportunity to bring about resolutions to areas that may have been hidden from ones view, yet were exerting an influence in one's life. Physical, emotional, relational, and professional growth and healing may result due to these resolutions.

Biggest Causes of Stress
Self-Improvement-Advice.org offers self improvement advice, ideas and tips with focus on positive thinking, stress management, anger control and anxiety remedies. Find out more about the symptoms of stress and various stress management techniques. Free stress relief games as well.

Bnei Baruch World Center for Kabbalah Studies
Kabbalah, kabbalah lessons, free courses, kabbalah books, distant learning, kabbalah mp3 - Questions and Answers, Live lessons and music broadcast, kabbalah FAQ.

Bottle Opener Sandals
The soebel sands shop features bottle opener sandals from reef flip flops including the fannings, ginger, byob, lulu and reef sandy sandals.

Breast Cancer? Breast Health!
For women who want to maintain breast health and for women diagnosed with breast cancer. Join the quarter of a million women who have already helped themselves with simple, safe Wise Woman Ways by Susun S. Weed. Includes her anti-cancer diet for cancer prevention, mammogram pros and cons, safe and simple herbal remedies, alternative medicine, and complementary cures. This site is designed with the purpose of empowering women in their health care choices. Visit today to learn more.

California Massage Therapy Program
UEI College offers a massage therapy program at many California locations. Check out our site for more information.

California Massage Therapy School
Looking for a California massage therapy school? CHAC will prepare you for a rewarding career in massage therapy.

Celtic Gardens
Co-creating Communities of Light or Kins Domains and sharing information, inspiration, creativity and skills to make a conscious and positive contribution to the world. Our Way is by deeply loving and caring for Mother Earth and honouring ourselves and others as integral to the Cosmos. The Invisible Realms are explored with in-depth studies of Orbs, Nature Spirits, Etherics, Angels, Ascended Masters, Extraterrestrials and Ufology as we believe these realms are The New Frontier.

The Center for Transformational Studies
Offers programs that will heal your Spirit and help you walk in Right Relationship with all our Relations. Our Awakening the Heart! Spiritual Healing offers consultations in advanced energy work that facilitates the development of trust, inner peace, higher conscious and focusing on the present. We offer deep astrological readings that identify your Evolutionary Goals, Karmic Challenges, and Your Life's True Purpose, while helping you to gain insight into how to grow and change within your current life dynamics. Our two-year, cross-cultural, shamanic apprenticeship program called, Resurrecting the Old Ways: Walking the Land and Honoring the Spirits in Right Relationship, will foster the sacred in your daily life, while helping you awaken to, and work with the spirits all around us.

Chaim Citronenbaum
Useful information about meditation, spa treatment, yoga etc.

Cheap Air Tickets
Find the cheapest flights, discount airline fares, low cost plane tickets and the best International airfare prices on the Internet within and from USA.

The Coffee Fool
Coffee Exposed. A shocking secret coffee companies don't want you to know.

Colon Health Information
Alternative Colon Health information, Colon detoxification and detox diets, natural treatments for colon health, constipation, candida, haemorrhoids etc.

Dealing With Workplace Stress
Here are 10 tips to cope with stress in the workplace.

Discount Magazines
Hundreds of magazine subscriptions at discounted rates<./p>

Dr. Kelli, The Angel Whisperer®
Awaken, Accept & Radiate your Divinity... Let your light shine ever so BRIGHTLY!! Changing your energy, your personal life. Creating positive change and new direction for yourself. Let Dr. Kelli, The Angel Whisperer® transform you! A Master Spiritual Healer, Medium & Angel Therapist, offering clairvoyant/intuitive guidance from the Celestial Realms for emotional healing, life direction, spiritual growth, or anything else you might need.

Enema Information
Everything you ever wanted to know about Enemas, Bastis and liquid Implants for your health including the equipment you need.

Energetic SWAT
Shifting Within Awareness Together Quantum Healing and Transformation.

Family Constellations
An individual or group process guided by a constellation facilitator to gently uncover/discover hidden family dynamics that exert control over life without the knowing of it. One may sucessfully alter destructive patterns and experience life transforming opportunities. Through this mysterious and interactive process, issues are illuminate, experienced and ultimately resolved.

Free Astrology
Are you searching for astrology zone or do you want to know about your future with the help of astrological signs and horoscope compatibility? You can get all the answers of your worries at Your Future.

Free Encouragement Ecards From 123Greetings.com
123Greetings.com is the largest free ecards web site in the world, with over 20,000 ecards celebrating more than 3,000 everyday, special occasions & events.

Free Hypnosis MP3
Sign up to receive our newsletter with the latest tips and trends in hypnosis with HypnoAcoustics. Get a free motivational **hypnosis mp3 to jump start your day now!

Friendship Day Ecards, Friendship Day Greetings, Friendship Ecards From FriendshipDay-Ecards.Com
Friendship is a wonderful bond, an enchanting chemistry between people, which feels like magic. On Friendship Day make your friend feel extra special! Reach out to him/ her with warm, cute and fun ecards!

Gathering of the Ways
A cooperative venture by those whose life's purpose is to help you find fulfillment and purpose in your life. Explore this site as a means of personal fulfillment.

Goa Tour Packages
Goa-travel Provide the complete online information about the Tours and Travel To Goa, Hotels in Goa, Tourist, Attractions in Goa

Golden Eagle Coins
2008-2010 Lunar Coins. Complete Australian Lunar Series All dates and sizes available.

Golden Movements
Living the Passion of Divine Presence. In service for all the lightworkers on the path. Universal White Time Healing.

Hair Loss Treatment
Offering people experiencing all forms of hair loss real facts, support and hair loss treatment reviews.

Himalayan Salt Lamps
YourSaltLamps.com provides a wide variety of Natural Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamps, and other meditation related supplies.

Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking
Terry Doherty is professional hypnosis trainer in UK who teaches how to stop smoking, anxiety management & stress management in UK.

India hotels and tour
India Hotels and Tours Provide the complete online information about the Booking and Accommodations of Hotels in India, India Hotels, Budget Hotels in India.

Indian Vedic Astrology Horoscope Predictions Report Reading By Vedic Astrologers
Our expert indian vedic astrologers provides online reports and consultations based on indian vedic astrology systems. Our reports or consultation can be any matter like love, marriage, career, life and child.

Insights from the Masters
Your comprehensive guide to personal & planetary healing in 2008. Channeled in March & April of this year. Discover Orb Healing, updates on present energies, star seed codes, heart chakra activations & much more! Channelings section has up to the minute channels! Preview section has channelings from Djwhal Khul & Melchizedek!

Jobst Legwear
If you are looking for men's compression leg wear, then look no further! You are at the right place!

Kakaos Yoga Accessories
Quality yoga props and accessories made in America.

K.S.C Crystals
Here at KSC Crystals, we offer a wide and very varied selection of; crystals & minerals, wands, spheres, geodes, carvings and jewellery ~ From the "classics" right up to the rare and hard to find pieces! The selection is ever growing, and at KSC Crystals, we always strive to please the customer. If there is a particular type of stone or item that you cannot seem to find, we will be more than happy to help!

Learn Self Hypnosis and Weight loss Hypnosis
Exclusive guide offering wide range of information on hypnosis and various hypnosis techniques. Check out the useful information on self hypnosis, hypnosis downloads, weight loss hypnosis, etc.

Legendary Times Books
Crack the Code...Ancient Mysteries Revealed. Controversial and Uncensored Books.

The Lighteam
This web site is designed to support you in gracefully moving through the great acceleration now occurring on Earth. International Workshop Leader, Master Energy Healer & Media Creator Diana Gazes invites you into a 5th Dimensional Multi-Media Experience.

Live in Happy Homes
Live in Happy Homes

Visit Lotus Guide - distributed throughout Northern California. Helping to heal the world one community at a time.

Magical Almanac
A free monthly e-zine of astrology and magic for thoughtful, intelligent people who are seeking something deeper than the usual New Age astrological fare.

Mark E. Gibson Stress Relief and Relaxation Coaching - As a certified life coach for stress relief and relaxation, Mark E. Gibson is an expert problem solver who stimulates motivated people to creatively move through their conflicts and worries and into a life full of personal rewards.

Massage Therapy Guide
Information on Massage therapy and various massage techniques like body massage, deep tissue massage, swedish massage, thai massage, therapeutic massage and sports massage. Information on different massage oils, lotions and massage equipment.

On-Demand Lecture Webcast. Deliver Classroom Webcasts Quickly and Easily with Mediasite.

Meditation Info Guide
A complete guide on meditation with information on meditation techniques, meditation methods, meditation music and meditation furniture.

Memory Improvement
Unique Memory Improvement Books and Memory Game Software combo. Remember things to do or buy without written lists. Recall complex directions step-by-step.

Menopause Metamorphosis
Gentle solutions for body, mind and spirit, alternative approaches, herbal remedies, wise woman support. Your body knows more about menopause than your doctor does! Includes solutions for thyroid health, fibromyalgia, hairy problems, male menopause, fertility after forty, herbs for women taking HRT, and more insights into the menopausal years by Susun Weed.

Mind Reality
Paranormal? Get Hidden Keys of the Universe! Answers to Life's Greatest Mysteries.

Suzan Caroll has been a spiritual seeker her entire fifty-four years and has been on The Path for about twenty-eight years. She also has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and has been counseling for sixteen years. Suzan first learned of the impending shift of reality into the higher dimensions over twenty-five years ago. Since then, she has been watching and studying in preparation.

Mt. Shasta Weddings & Insights Books
Awakening Humanity to its Spiritual Magnificence byliving in the present moment through insights books, counseling, Lomi bodywork, and Mt. Shasta weddings.

NASA Photos
Find NASA Satellite Photos Products Shop, Compare and Save at Pronto.

North India
Complete tour packages for North India. We provide trips to various north india destinations like shimla, manali, rajasthan, delhi, jaipur and many other places in North India.

Online Psychic Readings - Free Online Psychic Readings - Free Online Psychic Chat - Psychic Phone Readings - Online Tarot Readings
Personal Psychic is an online psychic reading company that offers online psychic readings, online psychic chat readings, telephone psychic readings, online psychic phone reading, psychic love readings, email psychic readings, live psychic reading, psychic tarot reading, tarot cards readings, free tarot reading services worldwide. Get online psychic readings and tarot readings by chat, video, phone or email from qualified professional psychic advisors, tarot readers and psychic readers in relationships on love, sex, and marriage.

Online Yoga Guide
A wide range of information on yoga, benefits of yoga, various yoga exercises, types of yoga such as ashtanga yoga, hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, bikram yoga, and yoga equipments.

Ooty India
Ooty India Tour - Info on Ooty Hill Station, Ooty City in Tamil Nadu India, Ooty tour in India, Ooty tour packages, tour to Ooty India.

Pets Talk to Elizabeth
Worrying about your kitty? Need help with your horse?

Precision Pyramids
Pyramids of all sizes from paperweights to 15-foot meditation pyramids custom-built to a person's ideal size. All pyramids are the exact angles and dimensions as the Great Pyramid, using the Sacred Number, Phi, to calculate its precise 51.83° angles.

Psychic Readings by International Clairvoyant Linda
All readings personalized. Tarot Readings, Romance, Spiritual guidance, Karmic, Yearly Zodiac, Numerology Reports, Astrology Charts and Forecasts, World Predictions, guestbook, join free Newsletter. Order Online, sent via email.

Quality Yoga Accessories
Quality yoga props and accessories made in America.

Ray Dawn
Check out her Blog, with latest Channelings from The Ascended Masters, Adama, Lemurians, St Germain, Arcturians, Angelic Councils, Elementals, and a host of Galactic Beings. All with a message of Love, Peace and Self-Acceptance here in these times of Transformation! Ray Dawn's process is visionary healing, helping you to Connect with your Spiritual Support Team. She does intuitive readings, channeled and healing sessions in Mount Shasta and by phone and email.

Religion Directory
Searchable resources for all major religions, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and a variety of other related topics.

Sacred Earth Journeys
On our Sacred Journeys tour programs we visit some of the most important sacred sites around the world. Join us on one of our spiritual journeys to visit some of the earth's most sacred places including Egypt, England & Scotland, France, India, Ireland, Mexico, Peru, Sedona and Tibet. Our tour itineraries are extensively researched and infused with personal contacts and resources. Our Tour Leaders and Guides are experts in the field of interest and region of the tour. Our Wellness Travel programs feature holidays combining the landscapes, flora, fauna and energies of the country being visited with relaxation, rejuvenation and personal growth opportunities. We also offer a wide selection of Yoga Tours & Retreats to many destinations including Baja, Cuba, Hawaii, India, Maui, Mexico and Peru.

This is an introductory ongoing, online course starting with the history of Shamanism around the world. We learn about healing herbs, finding your totem, what Shamanic ecstasy is and how to achieve it without drugs, how to meditate and many actual visualizations to help improve one's skills. You will build a medicine wheel, meet your totem animals and spirit guides, create a place for visions, learn to interpret your dreams, learn ceremonies for celebration and healing and so much more! Unlimited one on one counseling and instruction is included FREE. Start Today!

Six Stones Reiki - Mental, emotional & energetic healing in Mount Shasta, California.

Source of Enlightenment
The place to locate alternative health, metaphysical and spiritual events worldwide and in your neighborhood.

Spa, Wellness, and Holistic Health Programs Near You
For aspiring massage therapists and holistic health practitioners, SpaBeautySchools.com offers detailed information on their educational options within their zip codes, informational resources, and articles highlighting career paths, profiles, as well as strategies for success.

StarDoves Light Waves Aquarian Age eList

Steuben Glass Animals
Handmade gift ideas from the maker of the world's finest crystal

Success Tips
Find proven, Self Improvement and practical success tips on Success-Mantras.com, the ultimate success guide.

Susun Weed's Wise Woman Center
The Wise Woman Center exists to re-weave the healing cloak of the Ancients. This land, this sacred sanctuary for women, is a place for the teachings of the Wise Woman Way. Located between Woodstock and Saugerties, 5 miles from the NYS Thruway, the Wise Woman Center is easily accessible and private. For more information on workshops,
intensives and correspondence courses offered, visit the site.

The Family of Light Healing Centre
An international mobile healing, channeling, yoga, eco tours and educational centre.

The Tao Dance: A Yoga of Two™
DRESSAGE IN THE FOURTH DIMENSION, a book by Sherry Ackerman was a groundbreaking publication in 1997. It is the first book that addresses the spiritual side of riding, the Zen aspect of dressage as a path to self realization. The second edition will be available in Spring 2007. Riding instruction and clinics from beginners to champions. Horses for sale. Training and services.

Offers monthly channeled messages through Lauren Gorgo, from various ascended masters and star-beings who wish to assist us to consciously co-create abundant life through the art of manifestation, based on the universal laws, and by accessing our limitless potential through the vibrations of joy and peace. Channeled/Spiritual Readings and IET remote healing available.

This Is Mind Yoga
Amazing New Discovery: True 'PK' Mind Power easy to Use! Learn to use it for manifestation, healing, and karmic reapair with the chakras.Visit us now to find out how 'This Is PK' (eBook) fosters positive permanent change.

Thoughts Become Things
Life Does Not Have to Be This Hard Learn How to Attract Wealth Now...

Tour of Taj Mahal
Touroftajmahal provide the complete online info about the Tours To Taj Mahal, Agra Tours, Tours To Delhi, Golden Triangle Tour, OnLine Booking of Tours To Taj Mahal

Webspirit New Age EBooks Spiritual Growth Resources
New Age Spiritual and Personal Growth Resource. EBooks for free download and purchase. Topics include Personal Transformation, How To, Alternative and Natural Healing, Contemplation and Inspiration, Internet Marketing, EBooks, Music and more great titles added all the time.

Whispering Winds Spiritual Wellness
Dedicated to body, mind and spiritual wellness, offering past life readings, spirit communications, animal communications, holistic health products and much more.

Wicca and Pagan Supplies
For all your wiccan, pagan, shaman, voodoo, spiritual and other metaphysical goods and information.

Wisdom of the Crone
The vision of three women; Melinda Field, writer/poet, Judith Somerset, spiritual scholar and Lani Phillips, photographic artist. This exquisite set of 54 cards contain insightful words and images of women between the ages of 50 and 100. These cards are the vision of three women; Melinda Field, writer/poet, Judith Somerset, spiritual scholar and Lani Phillips, photographic artist. This deck allows those who possess the cards to look into themselves and be guided be the Wisdom of the Crone, the wise women. These women, for centuries have been there with the strength and knowledge that has held this world together. The Wisdom of the Crone cards honor this amazing time of life.

Woman Heal Thyself
Jeanne Elizabeth Blum's Woman Heal Thyself is a web site for women, and now, also their men. It is based on Jeanne Elizabeth Blum's first book, "Woman Heal Thyself" (Tuttle Publishing) and the now Patented Forbidden Pregnancy Points System, a self-help acupressure method any woman can learn at home, to clear up: infertility problems, endometriosis, PMS, cramps, migraines, overly long periods, bring on the 'period' if they have been date raped, transit easily through peri-menopause, or even reverse menopause if they wish to continue with menstrual cycles. There is information for men on potency acu-points as well as prostate cancer, treatments and diet. Seminars are in Greece.

Woman Wisdom™
"Woman Wisdom™ is a cross cultural personal growth training in woman's spirituality, taught since 1989 in woman's circles, now available as home study course."

World Travel
Complete travel information about World Travel for Indians, World Tours, India Outbound Tours, World Travel, Travel Around the World, Switzerland Tours, World Travel Guide.

Yoga Asanas
Yoga asanas provide physical, mental and spiritual benefits to the individual. Also it is the most effective way to lose weight quickly without any side effect. Know the different types of Yoga Asanas and its benefits.

Yoga Lifestyle
Yoga Life Style is one of the most popular destinations for web shoppers looking for yoga items.

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