Wesak Festival 2016 - May 20-22, 2016 in beautiful Mount Shasta, California

Celebrate the Wesak Festival in Mount Shasta, California!

Musicians... Anton Mizerak

Anton Mizerak is a composer and multi-instrumentalist who plays tabla, harmonica, synthesizers and piano. Anton is literate in Sanskrit, with an M.A. in the History of Religions. He has an intimate understanding of Asian spiritual and musical traditions which he utilizes to create music that enriches and enlivens the listener.

Anton lives and records in Mount Shasta, California, in a house and studio that he built himself. Anton's many recordings reflect his extensive travels, his love of the natural world, and his desire to impact the world in a positive way through music.

Anton has been performing on piano and harmonica since 1968. In 1986, he began studying tabla (classical Indian drums) in Kathmandu, Nepal with Homnath Upadyaya. Much of Anton's music reflects his cross-cultural musical experimentation combining harmonica and synthesizers with traditional Asian melodic and percussive instruments.

Anton tours regularly playing keyboards, harmonica and tabla. Anton plays festivals, new age events, new thought churches including Unity and Religious Science, and private parties.

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